qopy | qopyMate available now on the Mac and iTunes App Stores.

"Take the web with you."

qopy available on OSX! Download on the Mac App Store

Simply copy a web address, by either right clicking and selecting copy or using the command + c shortcut, then click on qopy. qopy then generates a unique QR and qopy code to use with you smartphone or tablet. You can use any QR code reader or download our qopyMate app, which is available for all iOS devices, to view the content.

The unique qopy code is provided to you in case you want to transfer a site to your friends or colleagues. qopyMate can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for free and be used to retrieve content from a unique qopy code as well as be used as a, fast and easy, QR code reader. qopyMate also gives you the luxury of viewing the content in your native Safari browser. For those without an iOS device, you can use our web app to retrieve content.

Upcoming qopyMate Feature: Transfer via Notifications
Our newest update will make transferring a site easier than before. You will be able to pair multiple devices to your qopy app using qopyMate. Any content initiated with qopy will be sent over to qopyMate via push notification. Simply, open the notification and the content will load in your native Safari browser.

qopyMate for iOS

qopyMate avabile on iOS, natively!

qopyMate is a fast and easy to use QR code reader that provides you the luxury of opening QR code content in your native Safari browser. To transfer sites from your Mac to your iOs device, pair qopyMate with OSX's qopy app.

Download on the App Store

qopyMate webapp

qopyMate web app available for free!

You can use our free web app by visiting http://848five.com/qopy/webapp on your iOS devices. Our web app provides you the ability to enter your unique qopy code if you don't have a QR Code reader available.